Hi there. Welcome to the SAUSy Lab at the University of Toronto. Not only are we a relatively new group, but we only just got a website. Lucky us! Lucky you!

One of the things about having a website, like writing a brochure or constructing your own home is that you have to put into tangible form a lot of messy, unresolved, still-evolving arrangements and ideals, not all of which everyone will agree on or has even tried to articulate before. For example, is this too casual a tone? Should it be dry and academic? Let’s try the first and see if anyone cares!

So what is the SAUSy lab? In general terms, if I must be stretched to provide an initial draft, the SAUSy Lab is a group of researchers, two professors and six graduate students, working on issues around transportation and quantitative method from a geographic or urban planning perspective. A couple subspecialties are cartography, health geography, and open-source GIS. As I say though, that is all still up in the air so if you don’t find that definition to be to your satisfaction, the best thing to do is either to give up because you didn’t care that much anyway, or to reach out to one of us and ask questions. If you’re considering applying to work with us, or if you already have, we do hope you’ll adopt the latter strategy!